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Housing in New Zealand

Short Film, 1946 (Full Length)

This 1946 film surveys New Zealand housing: from settler huts to Ernest Plischke’s modernist flats. Architect William Page bemoans sun-spurning Victorian slums with their unneeded “elaboration”. But more fretful than fretwork is a housing crisis that sees 26,000 families needing homes, with owning or renting out of reach of many. Michael Savage’s pioneering (but war-stalled) state housing scheme and newly-planned suburbs offer hope. Fed by wood and cement, NZ can build again with brio: “For a home is the basis of the simple things that make victory worthwhile.”

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Pana Hema-Taylor: How acting can be enlightening...

Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside

Pana Hema-Taylor plays one of the petty criminals in hit TV show Westside. His other roles include based on a true story TV movie ResolveThe Brokenwood Mysteries, hit movie Boy, and road drama The Most Fun You Can Have Dying.

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Ainsley Gardiner

Producer [Te-Whānau a Apanui, Ngāti Pikiao and Ngāti Awa]

Ainsley Gardiner, MNZM, has been a producer on a run of successful short films and hit movies. She worked with Taika Waititi and Cliff Curtis on Oscar-nominated short Tama Tu, and features Eagle vs Shark and Boy. Then Gardiner launched Miss Conception Films with fellow producer Georgina Conder. Their work includes hit comedy The Breaker Uppers and documentary She Shears.

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Cohen Holloway

Actor [Ngāti Toa]

Cohen Holloway began doing impersonations at school, and did some more when he joined sketch show Facelift. In 2009 the singer, comedian and Toi Whakaari grad won a Qantas award, after portraying the falsely-imprisoned David Dougherty in TV film Until Proven Innocent. Since then Holloway has acted in Boy, starred in Western Good for Nothing, and starred in the hit Māori TV mockumentary series Find Me A Māori Bride. His starring role in 2015 short film Feeder — as a musician being influenced by insidious forces — won him a Moa Award for Best Actor in a Short Film.