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50 Years On Their Toes

Television (Full Length) – 2003

Injury is an occupational hazard for a dancer whether they're fighting or not; I think classical ballet is more dangerous than stage combat, frankly.
– Choreographer Chris Hampson on dancers performing fight stunts onstage
It was like a hydrogen bomb going off, I suppose. It was the most remarkable experience...Poul arrived on the scene and he brought with him the 'breath of Europe', and I don't think I've ever met anybody in my life quite as strong-willed and charismatic.
– Former Royal NZ Ballet dancer Rosalind Hollinrake on company founder Poul Gnatt
I'm a well adjusted, 27 year old gay guy. I don't think there's many of us around who can say they weren't teased at school...
– Professional dancer Craig Lord on growing up as a male dancer
He threw things, which I thought was very exciting because I was very young...
– Former ballet dancer Jacqui Trimmer on working with ex Royal NZ Ballet Artistic Director Poul Gnatt
We did everything ourselves, like a proper circus, and we also sometimes felt like the elephants ourselves because we were that tired and heavy when it came to the point of the performance.
– The Royal NZ Ballet's first artistic director Poul Gnatt on the 'do it yourself' world of the company's early days