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Hero image for A Fair Deal

A Fair Deal

Film (Full Length) – 1979

Parental Guidance
It’s a disturbing fact of life: underprivileged groups are becoming increasingly obvious in egalitarian New Zealand. Money and power are being accumulated into the hands of the few.
– From the opening narration
More and more, cabinet is divorcing itself from street level opinion. John Citizen no longer has any real participation in the country’s economic and political life.
– From the opening narration
Even in New Zealand, the gap between rich and poor is becoming increasingly obvious. Here, as in many countries, the privileged few are becoming rich at the expense of large sectors of society. Our economic system diverts wealth away from the people who create it — working people — into investment for the profit of the rich and the powerful. It's because of this present world disorder that many people now lack the basic essentials of life.
– Corso representative Jules Maher