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Hero image for Nigel Latta 1 - The New Have & Have-Nots (First Episode)

Nigel Latta 1 - The New Have & Have-Nots (First Episode)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2014

In the first episode of this series, psychologist Nigel Latta informs viewers that as of 2014, the gap between the rich and poor in Aotearoa has grown faster than any other OECD country in the world, bar one. Through interviews with experts and personal stories, The New Have & Have-Nots explains how and why this has happened, and how everyday Kiwis have been impacted. Latta covers many topics, including New Zealand's debt, the housing crisis, why trickle-down economics doesn't work, and the new phenomenon of the "working poor". Equal parts educational and affecting, the show is unflinching about its findings.

One of the key things that's not in your control is what you are born into ... what you start with in life. And once you embed in a system that there are some people who start off ahead of the starting line than others, then the gap widens inevitably.
– Dr Ganesh Nana, Chief Economist at BERL (Business and Economic Research Limited)

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