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A Kiwi Christmas

Television (Full Length) – 1998

It just brings home to you that there are other things you've got to, sort of, keep an eye on and that you don't let them just slide away...
– Deer farmer Lloyd Thayer on how losing a sister has affected his priorities
I'm not that fussed about Christmas now because I think it's such a shame you've got divided families...what is 'normal' these days?
– Barbara Webster, on celebrating Christmas in a family who have been through divorce
It seems really strange going to a house I don't live in anymore and being introduced to past family if they're strangers...
– Charles Hinds mulls on family life after a divorce
This is a typical New Zealand Christmas: you sweat like hell when you're cutting up — no, you 'glow'.
– Jenny Johnson on carving up the traditional turkey or ham
I'm not really expecting any presents. My family is my present.
– Piripi gets to the heart of what Christmas means for him