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Hero image for About Face - A Fitting Tribute

About Face - A Fitting Tribute

Television (Full Length) – 1985

There are two great moments in the history of flight. The first was the propelled flight of the Wright Brothers. The second was the flight of New Zealand's Julian Harp, who strapped on a set of wings and flew away. For the first time since Julian's ascent into history, the woman who lived with him reveals the story behind the myth.
– Publicity material for A Fitting Tribute
Barry's long hair and bizarre behaviour and apperance were later to go into my story 'A Fitting Tribute' in which the hero, Julian Harp, makes wings out of stolen umbrellas. . . Beneath the comedian and the clown Barry was an exceptional literary intelligence and sensibility, a serious reader, a natural critic . . .
– CK Stead on his longtime friend Barry Humphries, in 2020 book You Have A Lot to Lose A Memoir 1956 - 86, page 105