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American Pie - 5, Episode Five

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1988

This episode of director Geoff Steven's USA road trip is another study in contrasts. In North Dakota, there’s impressive access to an underground missile control room staffed by highly trained officers who hope they never have to do the job for which they've prepared. Nearby, the members of a determinedly pacifist, Christian, socialist Hutterite community make for unlikely neighbours. There's also an exploration of small town values as Gilby celebrates its centenary on the 4th of July — while a John Birch Society member provides a less festive note.

When the locals tell you how healthy the climate is, they say, ‘Look at Custer. He was healthy when he left’.
– Presenter Gordon McLauchlan

Key Cast & Crew

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David Coulson


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Craig Perry

Sound Mix

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Tony Johnson


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Allan Goldin

Associate Producer

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Bayly Watson


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Geoff Steven

Research, Producer, Director

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