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An Awful Silence

Television (Full Length) – 1972

There's an old saying that has stood me in very good stead. Never try to explain. Your friends do not expect it and the others would not believe you anyway.
– Mrs Oliver (Davina Whitehouse)
... a good and effective thriller which just happens to be set in New Zealand. If the public like to think of it this way rather than looking to find the Great New Zealand Play, then I think they’ll like it.
– Producer David Stevens - Listener, 2 December 1972, Page 10
I have breathed life into a dead body. By the time he grows a beard even his mother will not recognise him.
– Dr Tree (David Tinkham)
It had the sonority to deal with the quasi-religious tones of Dr Tree’s mission from his planet of Sirius, as well as the colourful colloquialism of the day-to-day dialogue that unravelled the mystery of these outer beings and their work.
– Reviewer Susan Miller - NZ Herald, 6 December 1972, Page 11
Of all the thrillers I read in the playwriting competition, it was the only one which seemed to me to work on its own terms. It has style, which is a rare thing to find in a thriller and is an incredibly hard thing to define. What I mean is that it is not ramshackle. It has a sense of humour and a bizarre plot.
– Director David Stevens on what attracted him to Vincent Ley's script