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An Inside Story

Television (Full Length) – 1998

In this 1998 documentary, made for TV3’s Inside New Zealand slot, prisoners provide straight-talking descriptions of life on the inside. Collectively rejecting any idea of prison as a soft option, they talk about missing sunlight, closing up emotionally, and how even “the staunchest” end up crying. One long-timer argues that imprisonment is an expected part of becoming a gang member. Statistics provide food for thought about the life cycle of criminality — 78 per cent of inmates have no school qualifications; 80 per cent were abused as children.

I’ve seen the staunchest guys in here crying. Jail gets them all.
– Jason

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"We cast our love from our hearts to the men of the house that binds - Ramm, Billy, Jason, Dave, Trader, Anton, Hendricks, Troy and Ivan, Kia ora koutou

To all the other people who helped, supported and gave to us their many talents, deep from our hearts comes love" - from the documentary

Made with funding from NZ On Air


(Thanks to) Kingi and Tim for their music from the inside