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Film (Trailer) – 2018

Directed by award-winning current affairs journalist Amanda Millar, this documentary celebrates the life of equality advocate Celia Lashlie. The first female prison officer in a male prison in New Zealand, Lashlie fought to get people the tools for making responsible decisions, from female prisoners to fatherless boys to impoverished children. Lashlie had a particular focus on empowering mothers. The documentary was filmed over the last months of her life, following a diagnosis of terminal cancer. Celia premiered at the 2018 New Zealand International Film Festival.

At the heart of my being is the plight of women. This society that we spend millions of dollars on benefits, millions of dollars trying to stop child abuse, millions of dollars trying to stop family violence...and no one has said: 'turn to the mothers'. And so that's my thing: it is only in working with the mothers that we will get to save the lives of these children.
– Celia Lashlie

Key Cast & Crew

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Amanda Millar

Producer, Director

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Lala Rolls


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Chris Ward

Sound Design

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Garry Robertson

Executive Producer

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Naia Alkhouri


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Michel Alkhouri


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