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Angela D'Audney - A Tribute

Television (Full Length) – 2002

She's a very good newsreader, there's no question about that, and was breaking ground where maledom ruled for so many years.
– Television presenter Phillip Leishman on Angela D'Audney
I was flabberfounded at the reaction because women were running around topless in those days, on the beach, and all over the place, and it wasn't that big a deal. But I think what I miscalculated was that people didn't think of me as just somebody running around on the beach, and even though taking the clothes off in that scene was a legitimate part of the play, people thought of me as that nice Angela and they were shocked.
– Angela D'Audney on the public scandal of appearing topless in 1982 teleplay The Venus Touch
I've had an incredible 57 years. I've loved life, loved work, loved people. Yes, there have been some bad moments, but if you don't have the bad times then you can't appreciate the good ones.
– Angela D'Audney in her 2001 autobiography Angela A Wonderful Life!, pg 215
Angela is our first lady of broadcasting. She's been a fixture on our screens for nearly 40 years, and for much of that time was the country's favourite news presenter.
– Presenter Susan Wood