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Hero image for Animal House - First Episode

Animal House - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2004

Can I have an animal attendant to hospital reception for incoming puppies, thank you...
– SPCA receptionist Vicki Border gives the call for assistance
Coaxing a large animal into a confined space isn't easy at the best of times. The team has to call on all its resources to bring the animal into the float for the journey back to the SPCA.
– Narrator Jason Hoyte describes the challenges of transporting neglected horses
I mean obviously they're in pretty shabby condition...you just have to look around, really.
– SPCA General Manager John Loof inspects the animals belonging to an owner "well known" to the SPCA
The cats would have their kittens and consequently he'd say "I'm taking the cats to Mrs River" and one day I said "oh I'm going to see Mrs River". So I followed after Dad and I saw the kittens and the mother go in the sugar bag with the bricks and threw her over the bridge.
– Cattery owner Yvonne Brown recalls the painful memory that inspired her to help abandoned cats