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Hero image for Assignment - The America's Cup

Assignment - The America's Cup

Television (Excerpts) – 2003

I was incredibly bitter...the night we won because I knew half the team were leaving.
– Tactician Brad Butterworth on the dramas swirling around Team NZ in 2000
You have a catastrophic blow like the loss of a huge number of very experienced and old campaigners from the team and you're scrambled, we had billionaires up and down syndicate row with money hanging out of their back pockets, flapping under the nose of every available sailor and designer. It was a really, really tough position to be in, and one that in hindsight we didn't recover from...
– Team NZ CEO Ross Blackman on the contributing reasons for Team NZ's failure at the 2003 America's Cup Regatta
When an American journalist, trying to convey the national mood, described to his audience how Coutts and co leaving Team New Zealand was received with the same grief as the break-up of the Beatles, he was seriously overstating it...
– Sports journalist Jan Corbett on the public perception of Russell Coutts in 2003, The NZ Herald, 22 February 2003
I think when he found what Peter [Blake]'s job was really about and how hard it was, that he just couldn't be bothered giving the time to it. And I think what he wanted to do was to sail and play golf, and good on him. But he should have said so.
– Team NZ sponsor Douglas Myers offers his opinion on the reasons Russell Coutts left Team NZ after the 2000 America's Cup win