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Assignment - Back to the Future

Television (Excerpts) – 2000

I don't need any union to tell me how to treat my staff. I don't need any legislators to tell me how to treat my staff. My staff are my best asset and if I can't look after them, my best asset, then I shouldn't be in business.
– Business owner John Holm
I have no doubt that if the Alliance [Party] hadn't existed we would not be debating this legislation in parliament now, because we were a competitor to Labour for the vote of workers and the support of trade unions. And by being there, we insured that Labour kept the faith with repealing the Employment Contracts Act.
– Associate Labour Minister Laila Harré, on the Alliance Party's role in pushing the Employer Relations Act
I think it's justifiable payback. A temporary majority in the house of representatives gave National the power. They didn't listen to anybody who said you've gone too far, these provisions are too draconian, this is unfair legislation, this grossly advantages employers vis-a-vis unions. They didn't care. They said we've got the numbers, tough. Well, now we've got the numbers. Tough.
– Political commentator Chris Trotter, on replacing National's Employment Contracts Act