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Hero image for Attitude - Rotationplasty: My Backwards Foot

Attitude - Rotationplasty: My Backwards Foot

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2014

A perspective on the Attitude series

Attitude is a weekly series that focuses on the issues and interests of people either living with a disability, or caring for a person with a disability. It is a positive, upbeat show that aims to encourage a more inclusive society. Attitude includes news and issues of particular relevance to the disabled community, information about new technology, and the views of New Zealanders living with a disability.

Attitude's content includes profiles of people living with disabilities, information about new technology and medical advances, and a regular travel segment. The show's travel stories have included ballooning in Turkey, surfing in Hawaii, and Paralympics in China. Service provided by airlines for people with disabilities, wheelchair accessibility, attitudes of locals and the adventures available are all covered in Attitude's many travel stories.

Dan Buckingham joined the Attitude team in 2008, and was one of the only reporters with prior experience or training in media. In 2013 he helped launch award-winning website Attitude Live, an online hub for people to watch and discuss Attitude's large library of content. Tanya Black had a background in restaurant management, before an accident resulted in the loss of the use of her legs. She joined Attitude in 2007.

Ex reporter Grant Sharman has been a foot-mouth artist, Wheel Blacks (NZ wheelchair rugby) rep and coach; Curtis Palmer (who was a reporter for Attitude's first five years) also did time as a Wheel Black.

Executive Producer Robyn Scott-Vincent was one of many producers to pitch ideas for a disabilities programme when TVNZ and NZ On Air sought proposals in 2004.  Scott-Vincent is an experienced journalist and prolific documentary-maker. Her production team, particularly the directors, tend to have news and current affairs backgrounds. Their experience is evident in the crafting of Attitude's stories and the pace of the programme as a whole.

In 2008 Attitude started asking viewers to send in content, including footage shot on video cameras and cellphones. This fits with the Attitude philosophy that aims to include viewers in every way possible, complementing the disabled community's catchphrase, 'nothing about us, without us'. The production team is particularly interested in stories about the daily frustrations caused by public ignorance about accessibility and parking.

Aside from some early gripes about the amount of sports coverage, Attitude has been very well received by the audience. Attitude is broadcast on TV ONE on Sunday mornings, and for a time was repeated on Freeview channel TVNZ 7.

- Annie Murray has commissioned children's and special interest programmes for TVNZ, and been Head of External Programming at Māori Television. In 2014 she became Senior Commissioner at Sky and Prime TV, focussing mainly on local content. 

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