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Auckland Daze - Series Two

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2013

In season two of Auckland Daze, Millen, Fasitua, Jimmy and Glen continue to serve up a smorgasbord of shudder-inducing mishaps as they pursue love and fame. This season of the shameless comedy show features more cameo appearances by Kiwi celebs, more flagrantly colourful one-liners, and more of yummy mummy Wanda (Jennifer Ward-Lealand), whose new partner causes tension with some of the boys. Creator Millen Baird described the new season's expanded budget and cast as like "going from intermediate to high school". Episode one was named Best TV Comedy Episode at the SWANZ Awards.

I mean, why would I want to leave here? We’re like two peas in a mansion, you and me.
– Millen to his mother Wanda (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) discussing his break up with Jacquie, in episode two

Produced by


Longline Productions


Made in association with NZ On Air


Opening credits song 'Who Said You're Free' written and performed by Midnight Youth

Features songs by The Aristocrats, Artisan Guns, dDub, Lisa Crawley, Seth Haapu, and Tom Lark