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Hero image for Auckland Daze - Series Two

Auckland Daze - Series Two

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2013

I mean, why would I want to leave here? We’re like two peas in a mansion, you and me.
– Millen to his mother Wanda (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) discussing his break up with Jacquie, in episode two
There will be fications rammed in places you would never have thought I could ramification.
– Millen's old flatmate Keith, in episode two
The script was written well in advance so we could percolate the ideas longer, and the bigger budget meant we could fit more stunts in, and we had loads more celebrities that we could lure in. So it's kind of like going from intermediate to high school, and now we're playing for real — but there's still lots of freedom and TVNZ have still been great in terms of censorship.
– Auckland Daze creator Millen Baird on season two, The NZ Herald, 5 December 2013
People really want to come and have a play with it. Everyone we've approached, in terms of actors or celebs, to come and work on it, have been really keen. I think people feel the industry is ripe for a bit of mocking.
– Auckland Daze creator Millen Baird on the many guest actors in series two, The NZ Herald, 5 December 2013
What do you think of the phrase 'what goes on tour, stays on tour'?
– Millen tries to get around celibacy thing with the Reverend, in episode six
I bags the oldest chick here.
– Glen goes speed dating with the boys, in episode six
Oh, really? Because my cars been stolen twice and my cat, M. Tinkles? He’s always pregnant.
– Milllens old flatmate Keith, after Millen tries to argue that Birkdale is the new Ponsonby, in episode two
You should try the specials, mate. Looks like they’re a cut lunch with a side of infidelity.
– Glen discovers Wanda (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) at a restaurant with her new lover, in episode three
Well, I’ve just been recruited into a network marketing cult, and I’m gonna be living with them!
– Jimmy, when asked by the boys how his date went, in episode three