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Hero image for Away Laughing - Series Two, Episode One

Away Laughing - Series Two, Episode One

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1992

So kids — that's how you make an incendiary device.
– One of the Firemen (Jon Bridges) educates a class of high schoolers about firefighting
...what [producer] Dave [Gibson] did with the way that we recorded that show in front of a live audience is an amazing way to be true to having to perform comedy ... you make sure that that show's good for the audience. And to do that he had to build a revolving stage out of wood ... in order that it wasn't too long for the audience to wait, guys would get out, revolve it around to where the actors are waiting on the other side...
– Jon Bridges in an interview with Paul Yates, for 2019 TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy
...there's not a second to waste moving double beds, sofas, backdrops, etc on and off the revolving stage. Performers dash back and forth. A skateboarder is hastily being transformed into a clown. A live teddy bear waits in the wings with a girl in pyjamas. Two minutes later the bear is lying on the floor rapidly being skinned by Wardrobe and helped into a smart business suit.
– Writer Noel O'Hare watches Away Laughing's very first night before a live audience, The Listener, 6 May 1991, page 68