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Valley of the Stereos Short Film (Full Length) – 1992 Adventure Comedy

Valley of the Stereos

Short Film (Full Length) – 1992 Adventure Comedy

M Mature
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Valley of the Stereos is a comic face-off that starts tinny, but gleefully escalates to bass heavy, as a not-so-zen hippy (Danny Mulheron) gets caught up in a vale-blasting battle with the noisy bogan next door (Murray Keane). Made by many key Peter Jackson collaborators, the near-wordless pump up the volume tale was directed by George Port, shortly before he became founding member of Jackson's famed effects-house Weta Digital. Ironically Weta's computer-generated miracles would help render the stop motion imagery seen in the finale largely a thing of the past.

The magpie seemed to get a taste for human flesh and several times attacked cast and crew, usually aiming for men's private parts.
– Director George Port on how the shoot turned into The Birds

Produced by

Wingnut films

WingNut Films


Made in association with the Short Film Fund of the NZ Film Commission


Music composed by Michelle Scullion. Played by Scullion, Dave Berry and Dave Parsons