Simon Henderson started his career as a TV3 production assistant. In 1991 he began a decade-long stint at Kids TV, eventually becoming the company’s youngest studio director. After relocating to the UK, Henderson produced for quiz shows, and doco Girls in Gangs. Since winning a place on a 2008 ITV management training scheme, he has developed TV shows for both ITV, and indie company Giant Peach Productions.

I think the ability to let go of an idea, and be willing to make lots of u-turns! Simon Henderson, on the ideal tools development producers should have

Survival with Ray Mears

2010, Associate Producer

Martina Coles - Girls in Gangs

2009, Associate Producer

Make Your Play

2006 - 2007, Producer - Television


2005 - 2006, Producer - Television

Suzy's Big Day Out

2001, Editor - Television

You and Me - Going to School

1994, Director, Writer - Television

In this episode of her TV3 series for pre-schoolers, Suzy Cato uses songs, stories, animations and puppets to focus on a topic that will soon loom large for her audience — going to school. Suzy explores the mysteries of the schoolbag with its lunchbox and pencil case; and she tells a story about her own first day at school. A blackboard is used to name parts of the human body in English and Māori; and there are field inserts that take a bilingual look at different colours, and join a family preparing a picnic which they then take to the beach.   

Treasures Parent Time

1994 - 1995, Director - Television

You and Me

1994,1994, Writer, Director - Television

The irrepressible Suzy Cato (who previously presented TV3's Early Bird Show and 3pm) presents a programme for pre-schoolers. From a set designed to look like a house with bathroom, bedroom and live garden, Suzy talks directly to her audience and makes extensive use of te reo. A multi-cultural focus also comes through in the show's stories, songs, animations and puppetry. Suzy's on-set companions are a doll, teddy bear, clown and scarecrow — and a sock puppet family makes regular appearances. More than 2000 episodes were made in eight years.