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Hero image for Between the Memory and the Silence

Between the Memory and the Silence

Television (Full Length) – 2019

Victory Medal has been following the footsteps of New Zealand troops as they came across Europe, firstly to Arras, then to Messines and now on to Le Quesnoy and like many of those who came here from the outer most ends of the earth these feet won't be returning, they'll be staying here.
– Auckland University academic Robin Woodward on Helen Pollock's sculpture Victory Medal being installed at Le Quesnoy
I have created these works to acknowledge all of our heroes — all of those whose lives are lost or blighted by circumstances outside of their control; the men, women and children who suffer from debilitating illness or injury, and systemic deprivation and poverty. The consequences of these reach across generations.
– Sculptor Helen Pollock on her series of artworks dedicated to the effects of World War One, Stuff, 30 December 2017
They used to talk about the war from time to time...and when they did it was like there was a dread feeling in the room. So I listened harder and picked up whatever they'd said.
– Sculptor Helen Pollock remembers her father talking about his war experience
Arms like young saplings, arms mown down, their final gesture, helplessly reaching for a life promised, but denied. Gestures of futility, but gestures, to Helen, of hope that a life would arise from this futility.
– Former Auckland War Memorial Museum director TL Rodney Wilson on sculptor Helen Pollock's work Falls the Shadow