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Television (Full Length) – 2000

Miranda, Gordon, Roz and Sharon deal with the life-threatening realities of obesity. Nominated for Best Documentary at the 2002 NZ Television Awards, Big explores their daily routines and difficult relationship with their size. Miranda is severely overweight and can't dress or wash without help; Roz is upfront about her bingeing and its origins in low self-esteem; Gordon undergoes lap band surgery in the hope of curing his tendency to retain weight. Big’s most poignant moments come from Miranda and Roz’s determination not to let their struggles affect their children’s well-being.

I’ve found out within myself, who I am as a person — not as a ‘big person’.
– Miranda Gray-Taufa explains the happiness she has found in her church community

Key Cast & Crew

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Margaret Kelly


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Truda Chadwick


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Andy Coleman


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Julie Colquhoun

Director, Research

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Philippa Mossman


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Neil Newcombe

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