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Baby Keegan - One of a Kind

Television (Full Length) – 2004

Keegan Maley was born with a rare condition that gave him an unusually-shaped head, resulting in serious medical problems. His unique combination of symptoms mean he really is 'one of a kind'. After coming to the end of their tether over strange looks from the public, parents Michelle and Kym Maley went public with his story in the hopes of finding greater understanding. In this 2004 documentary Michelle and Kym look back on Keegan's birth, the journey so far and the road ahead, plus efforts to understand and deal with what had the potential to be a life-threatening condition. Keegan turned 20 in April 2022. 

Warning: This programme contains graphic medical scenes. Viewer discretion is advised. 

...we don't have anybody ... who's been through there and down that track, who can help us out. So we've really got nothing to expect; we don't know what to expect.
– Keegan's father Kym on the rareness of Keegan's condition

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John Sumner


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Karen Bunting

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Margaret Kelly


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Ruth Clarkson

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Charlotte Purdy


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