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Blood, Sweat and Touring

Television (Full Length) – 1990

The follow up to 1989 tour doco The Good, the Bad and the Rugby sees winger John Kirwan narrate an insider’s guide to the All Blacks’ 1990 tour to France: from Michael Jones negotiating a haircut (“how do you say ‘square top’ in French?”) to 19-year-old Simon Mannix leading a ‘Ten Guitars’ singalong. Footy relics of the era include afternoon test matches, four point tries, placed kick-offs, sneaky ciggies and Steinlager. Producer Ric Salizzo later repeated the Pasta Productions’ recipe — sports fandom mixed with schoolboy pratfalls — in the successful Sports Cafe series.

So while Foxy’s having trouble with his hamstrings some boys are having trouble with their tennis strings’ ... who writes this stuff?
– Kirwan stretches a script link

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for John Kirwan

John Kirwan

Producer, Narrator

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Ric Salizzo

Director, Producer

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Matthew Ridge


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Richard Clark


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Wayne Johnson


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Peter Roberts


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Produced by

Pasta Productions


Ric Salizzo