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The Wyllie Bunch

Television (Full Length) – 1991

The third of Pasta Productions’ popular All Blacks documentaries sees winger John Kirwan provide running commentary on the team’s path to the 1991 World Cup in England: from Argentina to Sydney and Auckland to contest the Bledisloe; from facing bottle and orange missiles in Tucumán to touch on Bondi Beach. JK muses on why coach Alex Wyllie is nicknamed ‘Grizz’, Neil and Tim Finn provide musical accompaniment (“I see black”), and Canterbury Uglies are the training uniform du jour. Meanwhile on-field signs are ominous for the reigning world champs.  

Winning the World Cup is a bit like shearing sheep: you can’t sit back and wait for some other bastard to do it for you.
– Andy Earl

Key Cast & Crew

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John Kirwan

Producer, Narrator

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Ric Salizzo

Producer, Director, Writer

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Matthew Ridge


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Diana Byrami


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Neil Finn


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Wayne Johnson


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Produced by

Pasta Productions


Ric Salizzo