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Hero image for Buck House - Series Two, Episode One

Buck House - Series Two, Episode One

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1975

In this episode from the second series of New Zealand's first sitcom, opportunistic geology student Ken (John Clarke in an early TV role) pockets an ad for a two bedroom flat. His plans are ruined when savvy law student Hugh (John Banas) charms landlady Mrs Platt (Myra de Groot). Ken convinces Hugh to fake a lifelong friendship in order to secure them the rental. There's definitely the stirrings of Fred Dagg in Ken: the bone-dry farmer's son moves into Buck House carrying gumboots and a guitar case containing home kill. Catherine Downes (Epidemic) plays Mrs Platt's niece Kathy, the unexpected third flatmate. 

Look I don't mind you bowling my books mate, but treading on a man's drinking hand is regarded as a serious offence.
– Geology student Ken (John Clarke) meets future flatmate Hugh (John Banas)

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