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Calling On

Weta , Music Video – 2000

from the album Geographica (2000)

With its mix of restrained rhythm and rowdy guitars, 'Calling On' provided an early calling card for Wellington rockers Weta. After the band moved to Melbourne and recorded their only album Geographica, 'Calling On' was chosen as the lead single. Australian music video director Bart Borghesi made the video. Influenced partly by painter Jeffrey Smart, Borghesi places the band in a sea of shipping containers, but offers glimpses of another world. Twenty years later the clip was looking a little frazzled. Borghesi decided to freshen it up. He writes here about Weta vocalist Aaron Tokona, and unlocking old technology. 

Being early adopters of computer graphics and working with limited computing grunt, we were somewhat hamstrung back in 2000. I’ve always wanted to clean up some of the compositing in the clip; the chance to revisit the work was too good to pass up in the days of Covid downtime.
– Director Bart Borghesi, in his backgrounder

Key Cast & Crew

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Bart Borghesi

Director, Editor

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Simon Burton


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Mike Gordon

Visual Effects

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Peter Falk