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Hero image for Campbell Live - Final Episode (29 May 2015)

Campbell Live - Final Episode (29 May 2015)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2015

It's been a big day, and a big week, and a big couple of months and a big decade or two...and we're all a bit buggered, I think it's fair to say.
– John Campbell
What a team – and that includes you. If you're watching in Christchurch, chances are we've interviewed you, or someone you know. Your trust in us is something we will never forget. Thank you, may your city be magnificent.
– John Campbell's tribute to his Christchurch viewers
But I'm off. I started here aged 27, in a suit I borrowed from my Dad. I could never have dreamed what would happen in the next 24 years. Thank you so much for watching us.
– John Campbell at the end of the show
Hundreds marched on TV3 to oppose us being shut down. It was surreal. TV — this medium, that’s supposed to be disposable — that many are often so cynical about could get people to do that. This great wave of love lapped up onto the steps of Flower St. We went out on that afternoon to dip our feet in it — and returned to work warmed by the knowledge it was there.
– Campbell Live reporter Ali Ikram on website The Ruminator, 29 May 2015
After the show 3D producer Sarah Hall came out in tears and told the remaining fans that a guard of honour was formed by 400 TV3 staff. "It was bloody incredible," she said. "I've never seen anything like it."
– Laura Walters and Jess McAllen, in a Stuff article on Campbell Live's final episode, 30 May 2015