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Captain's Log - Episode Two

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2001

These days, of course, it's a depth sounder and fish finder and all the rest of it, which I'm actually quite grateful for at the moment.
– Ferro captain Keith Pine on improvements in navigation since Cook's time, while crossing the Firth of Thames
It was because of Captain Cook's enthusiastic description of the Thames Valley's kahikatea trees that brought the other ships seeking timber.
– Hillary Hayson from Paeroa Maritime Park, on James Cook's impact on Thames' native forest giants
Following the remarkable success of the Jesse Logan, New Zealand's very first manufactured exports were three racing yachts sent to Australia, and Auckland's boatbuilders began to establish themselves internationally.
– Presenter Peter Elliott on New Zealand yacht Jesse Logan
We're hooning along!
– Presenter Peter Elliott onboard the HMNZS Te Kaha
It's not touch wood, it's touch carbon these days...
– Team New Zealand designer Tom Schnackenberg