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Intrepid Journeys - Kenya (Peter Elliott)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2003

Parental Guidance

"I've never really travelled much, let alone somewhere as challenging as Kenya." In this Intrepid Journeys episode, actor, presenter and paraglider Peter Elliott lands in Nairobi, and is overwhelmed after meeting inhabitants of a massive slum on the edge of the city. Then he sets off on safari across Kenya, visiting an orphanage for young elephants, camping near crocodile-infested rivers, and spying all kinds of wildlife, all the while dealing with an unfortunate run of the runs. Elliott also gets to meet the inhabitants of a Maasai village. He feels better for the whole experience. 


At Samburu, we drive straight into a magnificent herds of elephants, so close we can smell their breath and skin. One huge bull elephant is intrigued by us and turns towards the truck, the sides of which are open, and slowly moves forward. He keeps coming to within eight or ten feet when Nebert, the truck driver, realises what is happening, slams the truck into gear, thrashing the diesel into life. He explains the elephant can just reach in and take someone out of the truck with his trunk and there is no way to stop it happening.
– From day seven of Peter Elliott's Kenyan travel diary

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Peter Elliott


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