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Caroline's Dream Children's Hour, Music Video – 1983

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I used to play in a band with Johnny Pierce, was early days and to think how things have turned out. Such fun times making a racket. Must have keep half of Whangarei up at night playing our originals. He would be blown away to have known that he's become a rock star. So proud to have known him , was a surprise to find this clip. Long live the Children's Hour...

Colin Sheenan

Colin Sheenan 20 Apr 2015 - 10.36pm

I wasn't actually writhing about on a stage, that was filmed in (and outside) our practise room which was an old shed behind the Electric House in Grafton where us Children's Hour types lived for a spell. We'd all taken some acid and drunk a bottle of whiskey to get us in a suitable frame of mind for making our first ever music video and when I lay on the floor at one point while we were filming, Chris Knox undid my pants and tried to pull them off; luckily I had the presence of mind to put some undies on before we started filming, 'cos I usually went commando in those days. Also, the bit where Bevan our drummer pretends that I stabbed him the face with a broken bottle was almost another drunken catastrophe: I actually managed to stick it into his cheek and make him bleed. Bloody drummers, eh?

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews 12 Nov 2010 - 10.25am

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