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Skeptics , Music Video – 1987

from the album III (1987)

This infamous abattoir-set music video got only limited screenings upon release  — including the final episode of late night music show Radio with Pictures. The song was never intended to be an animal rights tract. Director Stuart Page made the video as part of a deal to pay off sound mixing costs; aided by a young staff member, he and two friends were allowed to film on the "sheep floor" at Auckland's Westfield Freezing Works. Page shot the meat-packing scenes at nearby Kellax Foods. The result went on to screen at a number of art exhibitions. CAUTION: This video contains images which may offend viewers.

It's been written that it was 'animal rights' inspired, which is incorrect. The song was written purely about some guys who 'pack meat' and the video was made in that light — not wanting to cast any aspersions on the workers in the meat trade — but to document the 'process' of a sheep's life in contemporary New Zealand. I guess we got carried away wrapping [vocalist] David D'Ath in glad wrap, baby oil and food colouring...
– Director Stuart Page, on website Vital

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