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Castles of the Underworld

Television (Full Length) – 1991

This award-winning film looks at the strange and ethereal world of New Zealand's limestone areas. The rocks and caves reveal ancient whale fossils, moa hunter art — and evolutionary one-offs (like giant carnivorous snails) that live in a limestone world. The film goes into the darkness to find glow-worms, cave wētā, albino crayfish and skeletons of moa who met their death falling down tomos (shafts). In underground cathedrals, exquisite formations formed by the alchemy of water and limestone are captured. There is also footage of Waitomo Caves and Te Waikoropupu Springs.

Key Cast & Crew

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Paul Donovan


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Mike Single

Director, Producer

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Peter Hayden


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David Reed

Executive Producer

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Libby Danks


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Adrian Kubala


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