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Two Days to Soft Rock Cafe

Television (Full Length) – 1983

This Feltex Award-winning documentary dives, abseils and squeezes under the mountain — Mt Arthur in Kahurangi National Park — to record the exploration of the subterranean world of the Nettlebed Cave System. At nearly one kilometre underground the system is New Zealand’s deepest cave, and a mecca for cavers from around the world. The cavers relay their motivations and anxieties as they negotiate the uncharted water-carved limestone labyrinth. Directed by Ian Taylor, it screened in the Lookout series. Claustrophobes beware: there are no lattes at Soft Rock Cafe.

For is this not the place of our childhood where we once imagined demons and dragons?
– From the narration

Key Cast & Crew

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Ian Taylor

Director, Producer, Writer

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Peter J Wilson


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Tim Williams

Underwater Camera

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Trevor Coleman


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Sylvia Rands


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Paul Donovan


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