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Once Were Warriors

Film (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras) – 1994


Once Were Warriors opened the eyes of cinemagoers around the globe to an unexamined aspect of modern New Zealand life. Director Lee Tamahori's hard-hitting depiction of domestic and gang violence amongst an urban Māori whānau was adapted from the best-selling Alan Duff novel. The film provided career-defining roles for Temuera Morrison and Rena Owen as Jake the Muss and Beth Heke. It remains NZ's most watched local release in terms of bums on seats. Among a trio of backgrounders, Riwia Brown writes about adapting Duff's book for the screen.

You’re not gonna hurt my babies anymore.
– Beth Heke (Rena Owen)

Produced by



Made with funding from the NZ Film Commission, in association with Avalon Studios and NZ On Air


Music composed by Murray Grindlay and Murray McNabb

Song 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?' (Hareruia Aperahama) performed by Southside of Bombay.
'Give Me Time (Ryan Monga) performed by Mere Boynton
'Here is My Heart' (Karaka/Renata/Tumahai) performed by Rena Owen and Temuera Morrison

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What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

The sequel to Once Were Warriors

Theme from Once Were Warriors

The iconic theme music from this film

Frontline - Kiwis Cannes Do

Warriors getting its first screening at Cannes

Book to Box Office

Includes an interview with author Alan Duff

Gang Girls

A documentary about women in NZ gangs

Savage Play - Part One

Rena Owen acts in this TV mini-series

The Power of Music (Te Kaha o Te Waiata)

Music documentary made by Lee Tamahori

Kingi's Story

A story of a troubled Māori youth

Taonga: Til Death Do Us Part

More from actor Taungaroa Emile & writer Riwia Brown

River Queen

Also features actor Cliff Curtis

To Live in the City

Short film on urbanisation of the Māori people

E Tipu E Rea - Thunderbox

A short drama directed by Lee Tamahori

The Gathering

A 1979 teleplay about urban Māori alienated from their...

Kia Tu Mahea (To Be Free)

This track features in this film

To Live in the City - 24 Years On

A doco about urban Māori

Mark II

Warriors writer Riwia Brown acts in this classic road movie

E Tipu e Rea - Roimata

A short drama written by Riwia Brown

The Tem Show - Star Wars (Episode)

An interview show presented by Temuera Morrison

Shortland Street - Kirsty and Lionel's wedding

Features Tem Morrison as Dr Ropata


Taungaroa Emile stars as Boondigga in this music video

Fish Skin Suit

A film produced by Julian Arahanga


Utu's priest-decapitation scene inspired "what's the time...

The Makutu on Mrs Jones

Julian Arahanga made his screen debut in this


Also stars Temuera Morrison

Taua - War Party

Here are the warriors that once were

Open Door - Shakti

A documentary about a support organisation for victims of...

Pulp Sport - Series Seven, Episode Eight

Featuring a Temuera Morrison cameo

Never Say Die

Temuera Morrison in an earlier role

1990 Commonwealth Games promo - Join Together

Also directed by Lee Tamahori

If You're in it, You're in it to the Limit - Bikies

Notorious documentary on 1970s bikie culture

Fresh Meat

More Temuera Morrison

Mt Zion

Also stars Temuera Morrison

I'll Make You Happy

Features Rena Owen

Mr Pip

Another literary adaptation produced by Robin Scholes

The Truth about Māori

Documentary that references Once Were Warriors

Kete Aronui - Peter Burger

The film that inspired Peter Burger to become a director

What's the Time Mr Wolf?

Music video for a song featured in ‘Once Were Warriors’

The Dark Horse

Also stars Cliff Curtis

The Five of Us – The Life of the Lawson Quins

Domestic abuse in a high profile NZ family

Red Blooded - Lion Red

Music composed by Murray Grindlay


Also directed by Lee Tamahori


Stars Cliff Curtis

Chinese Whispers

An excerpt from Warriors features in Whispers

Rangi's Catch

Temuera Morrison's screen debut

Bungy Fishing - Instant Kiwi Attitude

An ad directed by Lee Tamahori

Wonderful World - TV One Channel ID

Also directed by Lee Tamahori

The Life and Times of Temuera Morrison - First Episode

A reality show following Tem Morrison

Make or Break

Dramatic redemption for at-risk youth


A short film with similar themes

Gang Girl - Tarnz Story

real-life gang stories

Game of Bros - First Episode

A lighter look at warrior culture


Another feature film dealing with abuse

220 Miles

2018 documentary about a women's refuge

For Arts Sake - A Century of Cinema

NZ Film Commission's Lindsay Shelton discusses Kiwi films

Hidden Places: Ōkārito

Producer Robin Scholes directed this short documentary

Loose Enz - That Bread Should Be So Dear

Another tale of a complicated marriage

Aroha - Mataora

Rena Owen appears in this series

Aroha - Te Ao Mahana

Temuera Morrison playing another bully

Beth's World

Rena Owen presents a documentary about family violence