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Hero image for Challenge - Knocking on Heaven's Door

Challenge - Knocking on Heaven's Door

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1976

It's about time somebody else had a crack at going across Cook Strait, because I want to watch it on the telly.
– Roly Parsons in The Waikato Times, 4 April 2013
I was the maniac that dragged him into it and he was barmy enough to agree to fly over Mt Cook with me. He'd never been in a balloon before in his life.
– Roly Parsons on recruiting co-pilot Rolf Dennler, The Waikato Times, 4 April 2013
I think that it's essential that if you're doing something where the risk of life is involved, and a point has yet to be proved which has not been proved before, then it's essential that you're first.
– Roly Parsons, on the importance of being first
I think anyone that tackles anything which is slightly different from walking along the pavement, must be fatalistic in the sense that we must know that one day we're going to kick the bucket, to use the colloquialism.
– Roly Parsons on fate
West Wind will be only a frail bubble of hot air floating just below the stratosphere, and she must be piloted with consumate skill to have any chance of survival.
– Narrator John Callen