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John Rowles - 'Cheryl Moana Marie' Television (Excerpts) – 1976 Music

John Rowles - 'Cheryl Moana Marie'

Television (Excerpts) – 1976 Music

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These two clips provide a handy introduction to a Kiwi musical classic. The first clip sees John Rowles showing how he can hold the long notes, as he performs 'Cheryl Moana Marie' on a self-titled live special from 1976, made for state television. In the second clip — an excerpt from 2008 Buto Productions documentary The Secret Life of John Rowles — the singer recalls coming up with the chart-topping 1969 ballad, an array of Kiwi musicians provide their own take on it, and Rowles' sister talks about the ups and the downs of finding fame as a child, through someone else's song. 

Key Cast & Crew

Glenn Elliott

Director - Secret Life of John Rowles

Brian Lennane

Producer - John Rowles

Pio Terei


People still sing her name to her, a friend heard a version of it playing in a United States elevator, and all of a sudden people starting naming their children after her – or at least the song.
– Tom Hunt on Cheryl Waetford, who inspired song 'Cheryl Moana Marie', May 2014 Dominion Post