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Hero image for Children of the Mist

Children of the Mist

Short Film (Full Length) – 1974

At one of their largest meeting houses [in Ruatoki] plans for establishing a pine forest are discussed: the affairs of the future dealt with in the manner of the past.
– From the narration
A hard demanding game comes easily to men who hunt deer, work in the local sawmill or fell and haul native timber from the native forest.
– The narrator, on a rugby game
I am confronted by the reality of death in the institution of the tangi.
– Māori narrator
More and more each year only the old and the very young are left in the villages of the homeland.
– From the documentary
Where’s Tūhoe today? They’re all over the country now, some: they’re climbing all over the other side of the world. But that nest is still there. The tribe was made here. That kohunga ... [is] Ruatahuna.
– From the documentary