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C'mon to New Zealand

Short Film (Full Length) – 1969

Shot for an Australian Travel Agents Seminar, this short film seeks to portray 1969 New Zealand as a hip and happening place. The tourism clichés of a scenic wonderland remain, but the film attempts to present a more sophisticated NZ to entice jet-set Aussies east. After all, we "got rid of six o'clock closing ages ago." To complement the Anzac staples of sport, beer and gambling there are mountains and Māori. Nightclubs offer show bands and strippers for "relaxation" after strenuous days of sightseeing. C’mon is a fascinating snapshot of a nation in transition.

You have all the excitement of going overseas, all the glamour of going abroad, and yet New Zealand is only the Tasman, two-and-a-half hours and a five course meal away.
– Narrator

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