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Country GP - Tim's Commie Dad

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1984

The Country GP (Lani Tupu) takes a back seat in an episode set in the first week of 1950, which centres around the arrival in Mason’s Valley of the parents of local teacher Tim Bryant (Duncan Smith). The discovery that Tim’s father Sid (played by Vigil scriptwriter Graeme Tetley) is a unionist and paid up member of the Communist Party shatters the township’s apparently relaxed way of life. Sid has come to warn his son of difficult times ahead that could see him back in prison, but his presence inflames some of the locals and leads to a questioning of the true meaning of freedom.

Every so often something comes along to upset the status quo. That’s when I’m needed.
– Constable George Brooks (David Copeland)

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Rawiri Paratene

Rawiri Paratene


Profile image for Graeme Tetley

Graeme Tetley

As: Sid Bryant

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Steve La Hood


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John Whitwell


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Stephen McElrea


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Peter Dennett

As: Campbell

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