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Network New Zealand

Television (Full Length) – 1985

To mark its first 25 years, TVNZ commissioned independent producer Ian Mackersey to chronicle a day in its life as the national broadcaster. Coverage is split between the often extreme lengths (and heights) gone to by technicians maintaining coverage, and the work of programme makers — including the casts and crews of McPhail and Gadsby and Country GP. The real drama is in the news studio during the 6.30 bulletin (with light relief from the switchboard) in this intriguing glance back at a pre-digital, two channel TV age during the infancy of computers.  

Few television networks in the world would provide this sort of maintenance dedication on behalf of a mere 75 viewers living in the back of beyond.
– Narration

Key Cast & Crew

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Ian Mackersey

Writer, Director, Producer

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Michael O'Connor


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Bill McColl


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Bil Henderson


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Neil Newcombe


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Errol Samuelson


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