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Homeward Bound - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1992

A family reunion is the perfect vehicle to introduce the characters of this early TV3 soap. Set in a rural hamlet just south of the Bombay Hills, it revolves around the Johnstone family who have farmed the area for 100 years; but times are changing and, following the market crash, so are their fortunes. Beneath the surface of reunion civilities lurks a marriage in tatters, a prodigal son returned, a family inheritance spat and a mystery teenager (Simone Kessell) confusing the bloodlines. The cast included Liddy Holloway, Peter Elliott and a young Karl Urban.

I swear they’ll get off their faces tonight and that will loosen everything up. By 11 o’clock, you’ll have half a dozen fathers and we’ll know all about the money.
– Tim (Karl Urban) to Hannah (Simone Kessell)

Produced by



Made with funding from NZ On Air


Theme song by Dave Dobbyn