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Hero image for CV - U2 Live at Lancaster Park, Christchurch 1989

CV - U2 Live at Lancaster Park, Christchurch 1989

Television (Excerpts) – 1989

This guy is cool man. This guy is cooler than anybody in the band actually. Says his name is JB.
– Bono, after inviting an audience member up on stage to play guitar
It took so long to get that song right it was difficult for us to make any sense of it. It only became a truly great song through playing live. On the record, musically, it's not half the song it is live.
– Drummer Larry Mullen Jr on song 'Where the Streets Have No Name', in 2006 book U2 By U2S
(We were) looking at U2 post-Joshua Tree and thinking what are we going to do next time around? How are we going to tour? Now that we are a big stadium act, do we draft in extra players and put more people on stage? We were trying to loosen up, to see if we could be unstructured and play a more varied set every night.
– Bass guitarist Adam Clayton on the Lovetown tour, in 2006 book U2 By U2