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Hero image for Dai's House Party - First Episode

Dai's House Party - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2020

That was a four second gag that took 48 hours of baking.
– Presenter Dai Henwood laments the realities of fast-moving sketch shows
I just want to go to the bach. Is that too much to ask?
– Chris Parker plays one of the people seen on isolation walks
...I'm used to having a camera person, a sound person, a lighting person, a director and writers. But now it's just me and I'm doing everything. I'm rigging lights and I'm shooting it all and putting it in a computer, labelling clips and uploading things and checking the sound is right. ... it's also given me a massive respect for all the people behind the camera that you don't see, who do so much hard work for us people who are just telling jokes.
– Dai Henwood on making a show under lockdown, TV Guide, 30 April 2020