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Dave Dobbyn in Concert

Television (Full Length) – 1994

Dave Dobbyn in Concert is weighed strongly towards songs from Twist, the 1994 album that NZ Herald writer Graham Reid described as "breathtaking in its daring, ambition and reach". Dobbyn performs alongside a band which includes Twist producer Neil Finn. Although the offkilter soundscapes of the album are necessarily cut back on stage, Twist's strong musical bones remain clear. 'It Dawned on Me' showcases the curly-haired one in especially fine voice, while hit single 'Language' works wonders when stripped back to Dobbyn, Finn and twin acoustic guitars.

I needed to come back, and I needed to soak it up [...] so we head back to New Zealand, and suddenly all these doors opened up.
– Dave Dobbyn on returning home and starting Twist, in documentary Homegrown Profiles: Dave Dobbyn

Key Cast & Crew

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Bruce Sheridan

Producer, Co-Director

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Kerry Brown

Producer, Director, Stage and Lighting Design

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Richard Rautjoki


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Adrian Greshoff

Camera Operator

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John Grieve

Lighting Operator

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Tchad Blake

Sound Mix

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Produced by

Stratford Productions