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Talk Talk - Dave Dobbyn

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2010

In this episode of Talk Talk a middle-aged, philosophical Dave Dobbyn talks to presenter Finlay MacDonald about how freeing it was to give up alcohol and cigarettes, the "myth" that they aid creativity, and how he works at songwriting like any other day job. When the subject of Dobbyn's Christianity is raised, the songwriter describes his faith as a deeply emotional experience, untied to orthodoxy or tradition. His search for truth extends to his music; Dobbyn talks about cutting down on "musical gymnastics" to craft simpler songs. Dobbyn and his band also perform a live version of rarely heard song 'In This Town'.

I believed in all the things that they say are the advantages of alcohol and the same with smoking...it relaxes you and all that, and it's all a myth, it's all a lie.
– Dave Dobbyn on giving up on smokes and drink

Key Cast & Crew

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Finlay Macdonald


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Matthew Barrett

Studio Director

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Brendon Butt

Post-Production Director

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Victoria Kelly

Theme Music

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Dave Dobbyn


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Colin Hogg


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