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Desperate Remedies Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1993 Drama Romance

Desperate Remedies

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1993 Drama Romance

M Mature
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Desperate Remedies often feels a little like a soap opera, with its long glances, pregnant pauses and romantic morality. But this is Dynasty shot on the set of Coppola’s Dracula, or an episode of Poldark re-imagined by Peter Greenaway ...
– Mark Tierney, Listener review, 11 September 1993
Ms Ward-Lealand looks and acts like a cross between Greta Garbo in Queen Christina and Catherine Deneuve. Mr Curtis's Fraser suggests the 50's John Derek wearing too much makeup and a nipple ring. Old-time movie fans will delight in spotting dozens of other homages to an era when the notion that the girl might end up going off with the girl instead of with the boy was unimaginable ...
– Stephen Holden, New York Times review, 23 May 1994
An extravagant, opulent and mostly enjoyable exercise in high camp or low kitsch. [...] A feast for the eyes and ears. [...] This ambitious first feature received a mainly positive sendoff in the Certain Regard section, with many hooting cheerfully at the pic's wild extravagances and gay abandon ...
– David Stratton in Variety, 7 June 1993