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Dislawderly - Series Two Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2018 Drama Comedy

Dislawderly - Series Two

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2018 Drama Comedy

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The second season of web series Dislawderly sees outspoken law student Audrey facing love and student elections, and preparing for a moot (a mock trial). Series creator and real life law student Georgia Rippin (who also stars) used responses from the law school’s 2016 gender survey to frame her storylines — like female students being chided for speaking in a high pitch in the courtroom. Dislawderly's mockery of sexism proved timely. The second season dropped two months after a scandal over how female student clerks had been treated at a major New Zealand law firm. 

Key Cast & Crew

Georgia Rippin

As: Audrey, Writer, Producer

Marina Mersi

Co-Director, Editor, As: Leia, Producer, Cinematographer

Emily Janus

Co-Director, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer, As: Audrey's flatmate

This is a non-budget, non-profit web series produced by an all female creative team..
– Closing credits note

Produced by

Girls Don't Sleep


Girls Don't Sleep


Opening music taken from the song 'Catastrophe', by Yumi Zouma

Series two also features 'Nearfield' and 'Flame Grill JB', by DJ Grumble; 'Hard Times' and 'A Whirl of Green' by Connor Robinson-Pierce; 'Sake of the Shelf' and 'The A.M' by Post Love; 'Master Blaster' by E.Live, 'Hands Off' by Nika,  'Floor' by B-Lush, 'Hours' by Julien Dyne and Ladi6, 'Earth' by Womb', and 'Set it Off' by JessB