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Dislawderly - Series Two Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2018 Drama Comedy

Dislawderly - Series Two

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2018 Drama Comedy

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This is a non-budget, non-profit web series produced by an all female creative team..
– Closing credits note
I didn't ask for your shitty Helen Clark impression, I asked you to speak lower: you're giving me a headache.
– Riley (Liam Ferguson) to Audrey (Georgia Rippin)
Is it ever OK to laugh at sexism? Tough question, but we may have the answer for you.
– Alison Mau introducing Dislawderly on website Stuff, 5 May 2018
The shoot really brought home the strangeness of being a no-budget film maker. You’re making content based on your own experiences, but because you have no budget you also have to use actors and settings from your life. It can feel a little like a weird recreation sometimes.
– Georgia Rippin on website The Spinoff, 13 June 2017
Come on you snowflakes, that's not embarrassing, we just haven't had a female candidate who's right for the job.
– Luke (Ned Grenfell) on the lack of female presidents of the Student Law Society
You don't want to be known as the firm that discriminates against irritable bowel syndrome sufferers do you?
– Audrey (Georgia Rippin) talks her way into an interview she's late for