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Doves of War - Full Series

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2006

It's alright boss. It's over now you know ... You've done it.
– Brad McKechnie (Scott Wills) tries to encourage his former sergeant Lucas Crichton (Andy Rodoreda), in episode four
[They] must take responsibility for their own actions, for their own redemption.
– Cult leader Gibbon (Nathaniel Lees) on Lucas's former squad, in episode four
Just stay away from me. Please.
– Lucas Crichton (Andy Rodoreda), to Sophie Morgan (Kate Atkinson), in episode five
Doves of War will be top of my CV and it's the one thing I've done so far for television that I'll want to keep on DVD and have the odd look at from time to time.
– Writer Greg McGee
Bosnia was rough.
– Lucas Crichton (Andy Rodoreda), to his ex-partner Rowan (Tandi Wright), in episode two
My hat goes off to the production company for not backing down from what they knew was a gritty and violent story. They kept their integrity and didn't water it down.
– Actor Scott Wills, in the press kit for Doves of War
I miss it you know. Being part of the squad ... being part of something bigger than just yourself. You'll find it hard to get used to.
– Brad McKechnie (Scott Wills) reminisces about army days to Lucas Crichton (Andy Rodoreda), in episode one
Your masters in London are paying money for what you think is a grubby little story. But it's blood money, and you've got no idea what you're blundering into.
– Lucas Crichton (Andy Rodoreda) to journalist Fiona McIntyre (Marissa Stott), in episode one
When Lucas reappears in the lives of his former squaddies, he comes like a spectre from a past most of them seem desperate to forget. Because now they’re successful businessmen, restaurateurs, policemen, criminals and social misfits — burying themselves in the present to avoid the threats of that past.
– The press kit for Doves of War
You say you're Lucas's friend, but you'd let him commit murder out of some misguided loyalty to protect your own pathetic arse ... I don't understand how your mind works, I don't understand where you hide your humanity. If that makes me an ignorant Aussie, then God help you Kiwi f***wits.
– Sophie Morgan (Kate Atkinson) to Joe Matich (Blair Strang), in episode six